MCT & the Military

Spring break week with Missoula!
Hansel and Gretel at NSA Bahrain, Tyronda Brown, Public Affairs Officer

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MCT is proud to serve those who serve us all: The Missoula Children’s Theatre International Tour has filled an important morale-building need on U.S. military bases for over 20 years. MCT contracts with DoDDS, Navy CYP (Child & Youth Programs), Air Force Youth Services and Army CYS (Child & Youth Services).

MCT is proud to be selected as a recipient of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). If you would like to contribute to MCT, please use CFC code #20396. MCT is registered on the System for Award Management (SAM).

What is the military community saying about the Missoula Children’s Theatre?

When the MCT program comes…it is during that week that magic happens. The kids show up and instantly meet new friends. This will carry over into the school year where they won’t have to show up and not know a soul and have to eat lunch alone. This is the great fear for children who repeat this process every two to four years…the simple act of hosting MCT builds a military community from the ground up. How powerful is that?

– Major General JL Briggs, USAF

The positive impact lasted way beyond that magical week. The kids who participated, and the families who supported and watched the shows, were uplifted and encouraged in countless ways. It was such a ray of hope and major highlight, for the kids, and for me! I sincerely hope MCT is still very active in overseas military communities, but especially in the Army. The need is profound. Those kids and families sure deserve the tremendous benefits MCT brings!

– Judy Kelts, piano accompanist

 I had a wonderful time, not only photographing the play but watching the play as well, your ladies, were amazing! They inspired me to do more work with children and it was a complete success in every way.

– Tyronda Brown, Public Affairs Officer, NSA Bahrain

An overseas tour with Missoula Children’s Theatre is challenging but extremely rewarding. While it’s crazy hauling 11 bags country to country, nothing beats the experiences with military families who view MCT as a constant in their children’s lives, seeing the smiles on kids’ faces when they’ve been cast, and exploring new and exciting places.

– Laura Barron, MCT Tour Actor/Director