Intergenerational Tour Program

What is the MCT Intergenerational Tour Program?

Three robots in Gulliver's Travels

A tour team arrives in your community bringing the same Missoula Children’s Theatre productions that audiences know and love (including scripts, costumes, sets, etc.) but they audition and create casts that range in age from 5 to 105. School-age children collaborate with senior citizens and the MCT mission of developing life skills flourishes for all those who participate (including the tour team!).

Intergenerational Weeks are integrated into existing MCT tours so weeks are available all year round all over the world.

As with our children’s programming, the team will arrive in your community and create a 50-60 person cast (including ages 5-105+). The show, which is an MCT original adaptation of a classic children’s story or fairytale, is then rehearsed throughout the week and two public performances are presented at the end of the week.

What makes an Intergenerational Week Unique?Cinderella

With the inclusion of performers young and old, comes a wide variety of new benefits! The interactions that take place between the children and senior cast members involved create positive relationships for all and often last beyond the week itself. We’ve had former professional actors take to the stage after a 40-year hiatus, as well as grandparents that are able to perform alongside their grandchildren. It’s truly inspiring for all who participate and for the audience members.

As with all of our programming, rehearsals and performances are “open” so non-participants are welcome to watch the process. Senior Residence Facilities especially like this opportunity so that residents who are not onstage can still witness the fun!


What accommodations can MCT make?

6 actors dressed up as different characters from Missoula Children's Theatre productionsHere are some examples of Intergenerational Week accommodations and adjustments teams have made to create success for all involved:

  • Scripts Onstage: Many senior cast members like to have flashcards or scripts onstage with them. Others choose to memorize everything! We adjust to each performers’ request and ability level.
  • Accessibility: The tour team can adjust anything in the show needed to be sure all cast members have access to the performance space and are able to safely perform.
  • Consideration of Comfort Levels in Casting: The team will gauge the requests of cast members as they audition to be sure that they are comfortable with their role. For instance, those who would prefer a non-speaking group role or a non-singing role can be accommodated and made successful.

Who can present this program?

Anyone! Here are some examples of Intergenerational Presenting Organizations:

  • Senior Residence Centers
  • Retirement Communities
  • You!

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