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Corporate Sponsorships


The Cosmic Crisp® apple, grown in Washington State, is sponsoring the Missoula Children’s Theatre domestic Tour. Look for the apple’s logo on our signature red trucks as our professional Tour Actor/Directors drive them all over the country. The Cosmic Crisp® motto, Imagine the Possibilities™, is in sync with our work sparking children’s imaginations and creativity through theatre participation.

Learn more about Cosmic Crisp®:  opens in a new

red truck with the Cosmic Crisp Apple Logo decal on it.

MCT Tour truck with Cosmic Crisp® logo.


MCT Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The Arts Make a Difference!

Theatre is an art form that acts out the stories of our lives, our dreams, our hopes, and our communities. At the heart of theater lies universal human emotion, which transcends any specific level of education, income, race, or geography. It is so incredibly powerful to see ourselves reflected on a stage and know that we are not alone in our experiences. – NEA Chairman Jane Chu

Decades of research show strong and consistent links between high-quality arts education and a wide range of impressive educational outcomes. – President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities

MCT Makes a Difference!

MCT has been a huge and positive part of our lives. It has not only impacted my job, my relationship with my children and my father, and my children’s school careers, it has also had a long-lasting influence on my kids’ hobbies, interests, and goals for the future. Thank you for all MCT has done for us. – Parent

Your Business Will Make a Difference!

Please join and support us as a corporate sponsor:

We give every corporate sponsor individual attention with the goal of developing a customized, targeted partnership package with your business objectives in mind. A corporate sponsor could include the following rights and benefits, dependent on the level of support:

  • Recognition in show playbills and posters
  • Recognition on social media
  • Targeted access to key demographics
  • Logo on MCT website, with link to your corporate page
  • MCT newsletter articles about the partnership
  • Recognition in communities where MCT tours

Please contact Naomi Lichtenberg for more information. Naomi’s email is nlichtenberg@mctinc.orgcreate new email, and her direct line is 406-829-5221.