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IMPORTANT: All PAC communication will come from pac@MCTinc.org, so please add this email to your contacts.

PAC Emergency Cell Phone: 406-529-4743 (from July 28 – August 10)

2024 PAC Forms

If you or your student(s) want to go to PAC, the first step is to read through the 2024 PAC Camper Rules and Information document and to submit an application. Acceptance emails will be sent on April 19th. Applications submitted after April 19th will be reviewed on a rolling basis and communicated with within two weeks of submission via email.

2024 PAC Camper Rules and Information This is your go-to document! It contains all the PAC information; please read it prior to applying for camp and as you are preparing to attend. It contains payment information, packing lists, medical information, daily sample schedules, FAQs, and more!

PAC Application: DUE April 5th 

PAC Scholarship Application: DUE April 5th

*Please Note: Other important forms will become available after campers are accepted on April 19th.*

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February 16: PAC Application goes live

April 5: PAC Application & Scholarship Application DUE

April 19: Acceptance emails are sent

May 17: Deposit DUE (Non-refundable after May 24, 2024)

June 24: Lesson Form (Optional), Camper Form, Camper Health History Form (including Immunization Record & Insurance Cards), Tuition Balance DUE (Non-refundable after June 28, 2024)

July 8: PAC Merchandise orders due (a link will be posted when the merch sales are available)

July 28: First day of PAC for everyone! Arrive at camp between 3PM – 5PM

August 3: Last day of camp for East Shore. Check out 10AM – 11:30AM at Camp Paxson.

August 7: North/South Shore campers ride a bus to Missoula. Campers staying with friends or family locally can be picked up following rehearsal at MCT Center for the Performing Arts that evening. Campers staying at MCT provided accommodations will be taken to their hotel or hostel following rehearsal. A more detailed schedule for performance weekend to come at the end of July.

August 8: 7:30 PM Performance for North/South Shore.

August 9: 5:30 PM & 7:30 PM Performance for North/South Shore.

August 10: 5:30 PM & 7:30 PM Performance for North/South Shore.

August 11: Last day of camp for North/South Shore. Check-out for campers staying at MCT provided accommodations is 10-11:30AM at MCT. Campers staying with friends and family can check out following the final evening performance on August 10. There will be no formal event on Sunday.

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 When are the drop-off and pick-up times?

Drop-off time is between 3PM – 5PM on July 28. Pick-up time is 10AM – 11:30AM. For East Shore, campers are picked up at Camp Paxson on August 3. For North/South Shore, campers who are not local or staying with family in town, can be picked up at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts on August 10.

How are cabins separated?

MCT welcomes students of all gender identities. It is of the utmost importance to us that we create an environment in which ALL campers feel comfortable and safe at camp. Each camp is separated into 2 “pods” of cabins (a female pod and a male pod) with a bathhouse in each. Each pod will contain at least one of our gender expansive cabin options. (Please note: There are also gender expansive and/or single stall bathrooms and showers at each camp for anyone that would like to use them). You will select housing options on your PAC Application.

Where are campers allowed to go at camp?

Campers can be in all common spaces including the dining hall and rehearsal spaces. Campers are not permitted in staff housing or any pods/cabins other than their own.

Can my child be in a cabin with their friend?

You can send a request to PAC@MCTinc.org that will be taken into consideration. A lot of factors go into cabin assignments and we cannot guarantee all requests will be honored, but will do the best we can!

Will I be able to talk on the phone with my child?

Campers will be allowed their phone during free time and after the evening program. East Shore campers will be able to check-out their phones. North/South Shore campers will be able to keep phones in their possession. If your child does not have a phone, that’s ok! We find it best that campers stay present and focused on why they are at camp in the first place. If you need to contact your camper, the PAC cell is 406-529-4743.

 Can we visit our camper?

For security reasons, campers are not able to receive visitors at camp. This includes family members. If your child forgets something, please call/text the PAC cell at 406-529-4743 and we can arrange a parking lot drop off.

What if my child is homesick?

Homesickness is healthy and curable! We think that going to summer camp is a great way to “practice” being homesick AND happy. Before the summer starts, talk to your child about what camp might be like and discuss possible strategies for when they miss home. Strategies might include making a new friend, bringing a favorite stuffed animal, or telling their counselor how they are feeling. If homesickness persists, we’ll call and let you know.

Can my child leave camp?

Campers must always remain on the campgrounds. Any departures from camp must be pre-arranged and approved by the Camp Director and the camper must be picked up by a parent/guardian or obtain written permission by a parent/guardian to leave with someone else. Going on walks, hikes, or leaving to run an errand is prohibited at camp. Any camper that needs something should speak with the Camp Director.

Can my child bring a car to camp?

If a child brings their own car to camp, they need to turn in their keys to the Camp Director at the start of camp. They are not allowed to transport other campers unless the Camp Director receives written permission to transport from parents/guardians of both parties (drivers and passengers).

What is Canteen?

Campers are permitted to visit the Canteen for snacks once each day. Stamps, envelopes, and small PAC merchandise items may also be sold. Special orders for forgotten items such as toothpaste, flashlights, etc., can be taken and filled in town by the next day.

What is “Flat on Bunk”?

“Flat on Bunk” or FOB time follows lunch and precedes Canteen. During this time, campers should be in their bunks and silent. Reading or writing is permitted, but the idea is to allow time for rest. By the third or fourth day, most campers will sleep during this time.

What is the weather like in Western Montana?

Days can be warm (85-95 degrees) and there are not any areas of camp with air conditioning. Nights can get colder (55-65 degrees). We encourage packing layers.

 What is South Shore Banquet Night?

Banquet Night is a night just for South Shore Campers where we celebrate campers attending their final year of PAC. The night is full of fun, special programming, and a “nice” camp dinner. Campers are encouraged to dress up, but don’t have to. Attire is semi-formal.

What activities will campers participate in outside of rehearsals?

Each day, weather permitting, we will have waterfront. Canoes and paddle boats are available for check-out if there is a counselor with the campers. Each evening after dinner there is a structured outdoor activity. Activities in the past have included improv games, capture the flag, volleyball, etc. Campers do not have to participate in waterfront or these activities, but are encouraged to. Following the evening rehearsal, a special program is scheduled. Past programs have included Campfire, Talent Show, Counselor Switch, Trivia Night, Name that Tune, etc. Campers are required to attend evening programming.

My child is going to North/South Shore, do they stay at camp the entire time?

No! North and South Shore perform their show at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts. They are only at camp through the morning of Wednesday, August 7th and then are bussed to Missoula. When in Missoula, you have the option of providing housing for your camper (staying with family or friends in the area or arranging a hotel on your own) or purchasing MCT-provided housing. MCT-provided housing cost has yet to be determined for this year. Meals and transport are included in this cost. You can indicate your housing needs (1-4 nights) on your Camper Form. MCT has a limited number of housing options. If you can provide housing for your camper, please do!

Can my child get a ride to or home from camp?

If you can get your child to/from camp, direct transportation is always easiest. Campers arriving on public transportation (bus or plane) can be provided transportation to/from the airport or bus station. If your child requires transportation, please indicate it on your Camper Form. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us as we may be able to get your child from Missoula to camp. However, space is limited and priority will be given to those flying in or taking a bus.

Can I purchase PAC Merchandise?

PAC Merchandise is not yet available, but it will be later in the year. Orders will be taken prior to camp and fulfilled at camp. Please plan to purchase ahead of time as we will not be selling any clothing items at camp this year. Note that sizes on some items are limited. We are planning on selling any remaining small merchandise items along with snacks at the Canteen each day (water bottles, stickers, pop sockets, and fanny packs). Once items are sold out, they will not be restocked. All merchandise pre-orders must be completed by 5PM MST on July 8, 2024.

 Why do you charge a food premium for campers with a special diet at North & South Shore?

Due to the significant rise in food costs, MCT is instituting a food premium for campers requiring a vegan or gluten-free diet (cost to be determined). This is a one-time fee that can be paid via phone to MCT Patron Services weekdays from 12PM – 5PM at (406) 728-7529. Those with special dietary needs at North & South Shore will need to opt in via the Camper Form.

When is the deposit for camp Due?

If your deposit is not received by May 17, 2024, we will make every reasonable attempt to contact you prior to filling your position. If that deadline poses a problem for you, please email PAC@MCTinc.org as soon as possible and we can set up a payment plan.

Can I cancel my camper’s registration?

Yes. Please inform us if plans change as soon as possible. Your deposit is non-refundable after May 24th, 2024.

Other Questions?
Please email pac@MCTinc.org or call 406-728-1911.
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