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Content Advisories


MCT 2022-2023 Community Theatre Season Content Advisory

We want our audiences to have a positive experience with us! To that end, we make every effort to inform our audience of any adult content contained in our productions. We recommend reviewing the following content warnings before attending this performance.

For more information, please call the Box Office at (406) 728-7529.


Rated PG-13 – Parental Guidance Recommended

Parents are advised that this production may not be appropriate for children under 13.  The show is satirical, with references to death, drugs and violence.  Social commentary, political references, sexual innuendo and profanity exist in the production but filtered through the lens of physical comedy (think the Three Stooges) and not meant to be taken seriously.



Rated G – General Audiences

This family-friendly show is suitable for an audience of all ages and multiple generations to enjoy.  There is some giggle-producing potty humor that is just plain silly and mild in nature.



Rated PG-13 Parental Guidance Recommended

Puffs, the play, is not suitable for young children. The script is based in improv comedy, which means each performance is going to be slightly different and unpredictable. The actors are given license to reference cultural and political situations, adult humor, teenage bullying, explicit language and sexual situations.  This non-musical play by Matt Cox is a coming-of-age tale and includes difficult topics faced by adolescents.



Rated PG-13 – Parental Guidance Recommended

This musical version of the book (1992) and film (1995) is rated PG-13, due to adult themes, characters grappling with topics of war and racism, depictions of sexual activity and alcohol use. The main story is the romantic, extra-marital affair that results from an unexpected meeting of two lonely adults, yet conducted with discretion, especially by today’s standards.



Rated PG – Parental Guidance Suggested

This well-known tale centers around a young girl in a difficult situation at school, where the headmistress is verbally and emotionally cruel towards children (even though in an exaggerated, unrealistic manner).  The result is that some students act out inappropriately, until Matilda and a kind teacher come up with a plan to create a kinder world.  In classic Roald Dahl style, the implications of bad language and tough behaviors are presented comedically, using nonsensical, silly made-up phrases, yet warrant a PG rating.