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The Missoulian’s Martin Kidston wrote this great profile of Missoula Children’s Theatre touring actors Samantha Cook and Meagan Wiltshire. They talked about their recent adventures and misadventures in Bahrain. At the start of summer, Samantha Cook and Meagan Wiltshire would have been hard pressed to find Bahrain on a map, let alone talk about it Read More »

In June 2012, Amy Sisk of The Missoulian and photographer Michael Gallacher teamed up for a simply remarkable spread about MCT’s International Tour training. Below is the first 250 words and a link to the article, which includes great photography and video interviews. Emma Merlo prances around the old school room, hands held to her Read More »

Missoula Community Theatre (MCT) presents “Once Upon A Mattress” January 20-29 at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts. Directed by Teresa Waldorf (University of Montana’s School of Theatre and Dance), with music direction by Gregory Boris (MCT), and choreography by Lisa Deer (On Center Dance), this family-friendly, musical comedy is based upon Hans Christian Read More »

Local theatergoers might want to remember the names of Brandon Price and Eric Wills. The two actors – one a recent Missoula transplant, the other a local high-school student – play relatively small roles in Missoula Community Theatre’s new production of the classic musical, “She Loves Me,” which opens Friday night at the MCT Center Read More »

Missoula, MT – Missoula Community Theatre (MCT) brings the heart-warming, romantic musical comedy “She Loves Me” to the stage beginning in December. A musical adaptation of a play by Hungarian playwright Miklos Laszlo, “She Loves Me” revolves around a young man and woman who are at odds with each other at work, but who are Read More »

MCT Makes Slight Change to Community Theatre Name (Missoula, MT) MCT, Inc.—the legal name of the non-profit organization that includes a number of programs, both locally and far-reaching—is making a small change to its community theatre name to better reflect its purpose and scope. What was formerly known as the MCT Community Theatre is now Read More »

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” Creeps into Missoula Community Theatre Just in Time for Halloween Missoula, MT – Missoula Community Theatre opens their season on October 21 with “Dracula.” “It’s a great show for Missoula,” says director TJ Charlson, “There’s such a wide range of talents onstage. We have everyone from Hollywood actors to people who have Read More »

Missoulian article by Joe Nickell about artistic director: “Joe Martinez’s office at the East Broadway headquarters of Missoula Children’s Theatre still has the air of a new apartment.” Read more of the Missoulian article by Joe Nickell. Getting Ahead mention of artistic director: MCT Inc. (parent company of the Missoula Children’s Theatre and MCT Community Read More »