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2021–2022 Missoula Community Theatre Season Menu

Missoula community Theatre 2021-2022 Season A la carte

We are opening the 2021-2022 calendar with a group seating approach. (Think Southwest Airlines). 

Tickets to a performance will not correspond to a specific seat in the theatre, but rather a variation of general admission, with a tiered concept using three seating groups… A, B, and C. The seating group determines when you may enter the theatre to select your seats from those available.  We know that some patrons prefer close to the stage, some the balcony and others enjoy trying different locations.  One thing we can confirm, however.  Unlike Southwest Airlines,

 ALL our seats face forward, so you won’t strain your neck trying to watch the show.

$30 ticket (includes a complimentary beverage, if you wish). Seating begins 30 minutes prior to curtain (1:30pm for 2:00pm Matinees, 7pm for 7:30pm show and 6pm for Sunday 6:30pm performance)

$25 ticket seated next begins 20 minutes prior to curtain

$20 ticket seated 10 minutes prior to curtain

While we recognize not all patrons will applaud this new ticketing approach, we are hopeful that you will… which is why we recommend Tier A for those patrons who care deeply about where they sit, Tier B for those who are open to different choices of seating and the most economical Group C for those just excited to get back to the MCT Center for the Performing Arts, which was designed so that there is truly not a bad seat in the house!

April 29-May 15, 2022

What began as an extremely popular animated cartoon on Nickelodeon (seen in more than 170 countries) has become a full-blown Broadway musical that in 2018 received 12 Tony award nominations and the Drama Desk Award for Best Musical! The final entree of the 2021-2022 Missoula Community Theatre à la carte season is a story of hope, joy and overcoming adversity when we work together to save our world. In this case, the world is under the sea and the most unusual hero is a sea sponge…known simply as SpongeBob SquarePants.

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March 10–20, 2022

into the woods, March 10–20,2022

Stephen Sondheim’s glorious musical compilation of Brothers Grimm fairy tales is a fantasy ride of complex relationships, and the consequences of decisions and wishes. This brilliant, dark comedy musical is rated PG-13. The Baker and his Wife wish for a child; Cinderella wishes to attend the King’s Festival and Jack, wishes his cow would give milk. The Baker and his Wife set off to break a Witch’s curse, meeting other familiar characters all with a wish of their own. Everyone’s wish is granted, but the consequences haunt them later with disastrous results.

January 21–30, 2022

This family-friendly stage musical is based on the popular 1960s TV show “Gilligan’s Island,” created by Sherwood Schwartz.  The plot is filled with wacky, slap-stick humor, foiled attempts at being rescued, and the familiar castaways of “Gilligan, the Skipper too, a millionaire and his wife, a movie star, the professor and Mary Ann….”  There’s even an encounter with an out-of-this-world alien!  Hope and Laurence Juber’s  campy, original score includes Ginger’s “Natural Phenomenon”, Thurston and Lovey Howell’s “It’s Good To Be Rich” and Gilligan learning to spell “Hieroglyphics.”

At the helm of the show is Director Rosie Ayers, of Missoula’s “Home Shopping Network Girls” comedy duo and director of MCT’s Leading Ladies in 2019.  Rosie shared that her husband Michael “is a grown man who watched every episode of Gilligan’s Island as a child and can still quote the punchlines, sing the lyrics and giggles like an 8-year-old.”  On her own thoughts about the production, Ayers looks forward to “directing and experiencing a nostalgic show with our community and enjoying it with our most favorite medicine…laughter.” Gregory Boris will be the show’s Music Director after just completing the same role with MCT’s Sister Amnesia’s Country-Western Nunsense Jamboree.

Tickets to Gilligan’s Island: The Musical go on sale for recent season subscribers on Monday, November 15th and to the general public on Monday, November 29th!  Stockman Bank; WIPFLI LLP and Garlington, Lohn & Robinson are sponsoring the show, which is a production of the Missoula Community Theatre. MCT requires the wearing of masks for the safety of patrons, volunteers and staff.

October 21-30, 2021

Nunsense Jamboree


A lively group of nuns and their side-kick priest will two-step onto the MCT stage this fall to serve up a constant and hilarious stream of knee-slapping, “Hee Haw” moments!  Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Jamboree was written after Nunsense (which won a trinity of awards in 1986) and Nunsense Two: The Second Coming.  Haven’t seen those?  You’re forgiven! And you won’t be lost in a plot purgatory.  This light-hearted comedy will appeal to Catholics, Lutherans and non-churchgoers alike…we shouldn’t swear, but we promise. The book, music and lyrics are by Dan Goggin who will explain how Sister Amnesia got her name and why there’s a fundraising auction (standard fare for Catholics).  From Laugh-In style jokes (why didn’t they play poker on the Ark? Because Noah was sitting on the deck), to Grand Ole Opry-style musical numbers (“Mini Pearls of Wisdom”), this family-friendly musical informs the audience that “We hope you brought some butter, ’cause we all brought the corn.”

December 9-19, 2021

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is an iconic story that it needs little description—will it be fun for children?  Absolutely.  Will grown-ups think back to their childhood?  Good grief, YES!  All the familiar and beloved characters will be brought to life on stage, portrayed by a cast of adult actors. Snoopy’s enthusiastic “Suppertime”, a full-cast rendition of Schroeder’s favorite composer’s birthday “Beethoven Day” and Linus’ ode to his beloved possession, “My Blanket and Me” are among the many numbers sure to wrap up the audience in a warm, musical blanket. (Kids– of all ages– can even bring their favorite blanket).

This full-length production features six adult actors in the roles brought to life by Clark Gesner, who wrote the book, music and lyrics for the original 1967 version and subsequent revival, which won several Tony Awards and nominations, a Grammy nomination and other honors while also winning the hearts of children and adults of all ages. Gesner noted that “None of the cast is actually six years old. And they don’t really look like Charles Schulz’ “Peanuts” cartoon characters. But this doesn’t seem to make that much difference once we are into the play, because what they are saying to each other is with the openness of that early childhood time, and the obvious fact is that they are all really quite fond of each other.”

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is a production of the Missoula Community Theatre and sponsored by PayneWest Insurance, US Bank, and Rhoades, Seifert & Erickson, PLLP. *Thursday, December 9th is Premiere Night which includes a catered reception for a special price. Contact Beth at bfrazee@MCTinc.orgcreate new email.

You’ve been patiently waiting and we’ve been busy preparing. The 2022-23 Season Announcement is coming soon and we’re bringing back reserved seats. If you’ve previously been a 5-Show Season Series Subscriber, We Saved YOUR Seats! And we have a few more fun options in store. It’s all coming your way in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience!