2021–2022 Missoula Community Theatre Season Menu

Missoula community Theatre 2021-2022 Season A la carte

We marvel at the patience and support we receive from our patrons, not to mention enthusiasm from people asking about the season!

It has definitely taken some time for us to cook up the first course of the 2021-2022 season ‘menu.’ We must consider the availability of show titles that can be produced on a smaller scale, may be streamed and will appeal to the varied tastes of our guests; from family friendly to newer titles, we must have all the right ‘ingredients’ before announcing the main course.

The 2021-2022 season will be presented in an à la carte fashion……one show at a time. So, rather than committing to a Season Subscription for 3, 4 or 5 shows, patrons can decide what they are hungry to see on a show-by-show basis. MCT is offering an opportunity to serve our patrons a flexible schedule, with just the right amount of sweet and savory offerings! Watch for information on our website, social media and in an upcoming email announcement.

We continue to be cautious as we head into the fall with variants on the rise, and plan to initially sell at a reduced seating capacity, with the opportunity to make more seats available as we get closer to show dates.  This automatically means not every seat will be available.  As we get back in the habit of attending live performances, the Missoula Community Theatre is excited to present this first show of the season, using a new Pilot program for seating, much like the Pilot episode of a new television series, which tempts you to change the channel from your standard show.

We are opening the 2021-2022 calendar with a group seating approach. (Think Southwest Airlines). 

Tickets to a performance will not correspond to a specific seat in the theatre, but rather a variation of general admission, with a tiered concept using three seating groups… A, B, and C. The seating group determines when you may enter the theatre to select your seats from those available.  We know that some patrons prefer close to the stage, some the balcony and others enjoy trying different locations.  One thing we can confirm, however.  Unlike Southwest Airlines,

 ALL our seats face forward, so you won’t strain your neck trying to watch the show.

$30 ticket (includes a complimentary beverage, if you wish). Seating begins 40 minutes prior to curtain (1:20pm for 2:00pm Matinees, 6:50pm for 7:30pm show and 5:50pm for Sunday 6:30pm performance)

$25 ticket seated next begins 20 minutes prior to curtain

$20 ticket seated 10 minutes prior to curtain

While we recognize not all patrons will applaud this new ticketing approach, we are hopeful that you will… which is why we recommend Tier A for those patrons who care deeply about where they sit, Tier B for those who are open to different choices of seating and the most economical Group C for those just excited to get back to the MCT Center for the Performing Arts, which was designed so that there is truly not a bad seat in the house!

Show Number 1

Nunsense Jamboree

A lively group of nuns and their side-kick priest will two-step onto the MCT stage this fall to serve up a constant and hilarious stream of knee-slapping, “Hee Haw” moments!  Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Jamboree was written after Nunsense (which won a trinity of awards in 1986) and Nunsense Two: The Second Coming.  Haven’t seen those?  You’re forgiven! And you won’t be lost in a plot purgatory.  This light-hearted comedy will appeal to Catholics, Lutherans and non-churchgoers alike…we shouldn’t swear, but we promise. The book, music and lyrics are by Dan Goggin who will explain how Sister Amnesia got her name and why there’s a fundraising auction (standard fare for Catholics).  From Laugh-In style jokes (why didn’t they play poker on the Ark? Because Noah was sitting on the deck), to Grand Ole Opry-style musical numbers (“Mini Pearls of Wisdom”), this family-friendly musical informs the audience that “We hope you brought some butter, ’cause we all brought the corn.”

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