MCT Galaxy Wall


Missoula Children’s Theatre cast member * Missoula Community Theatre volunteer * Performing Arts Camper (PAC) * Next Step Prep student * Backstage crew member * Parent of an MCT performer * Tour Actor/Director–current or alumni * MCT Board Member * MCT Employee * Sponsor * Tour Presenter * Orchestra pit * Enthusiastic audience member *

*Piano accompanist * Proud Grandparent * Office volunteer * Pizza delivery person…

No matter how your life has aligned with MCT, there is a STAR to celebrate it! For this reason, the Galaxy has a special place for you to share your memory, which will be displayed right here at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts in Missoula!

You can customize a star with your name, the memory you wish to commemorate, date and location


Example of a star:


The cost is just $50.00, for which you receive:

  • A star will be placed in our MCT Galaxy (5 1/2″ W x 6″ H)
  • A certificate signed by MCT’s Executive Director, Michael McGill with a miniature representation of your star.

To get started, fill out our information sheet here.

Questions? Email Development Director Beth Burman Frazee by clicking here.