Donor Spotlight

Welcome to the Donor Spotlight, where we will take time to get to know some of the very generous folks who help us complete our important mission at MCT.


Peggy Racicot and her family have been involved with MCT since 2009. The Racicot daughters, Abby and Hallie, have been regular participants in shows and camps through the years, and Peggy and her husband, Tim, have also volunteered their own time as ushers at many shows. Read on to learn more about their story and why they feel moved to give a generous recurring monthly donation to MCT.Racicot Family_2

MCT: Why do you donate to MCT and why monthly?

Peggy (PR): We give to MCT because of the incredible impact MCT has had on our girls. For them to have found something they feel they are good at and to be a part of something that brings people joy makes us so grateful. We give monthly because periodic donations enable us to make a larger donation over an extended time.

MCT has given so many children who haven’t found their niche in a sport or other activity, a place to find their strength. We are proud to do anything we can to keep that going!

MCT: What is your favorite MCT memory?

PR: Oh boy, so many. One that stands out is Hallie’s first play, The Wizard of Oz. Abby played Dorothy and Hallie played a flower. As the adorable flowers put Dorothy to sleep, it was so moving to see them share the stage together.

MCT: What impact has MCT had on your family?

PR: MCT has given the girls a fun activity to participate in, but while they learn lines and songs they also learn how to follow directions and work as a team. It’s a great skill to be able to get up on stage, push through the butterflies, and experience success. They have jobs to do and people are counting on them and they count on others to help them. It’s priceless!

PR: Our history with MCT began the summer of 2009 before Abby became a 3rd grader. She attended Rumpelstiltskin summer camp. I vividly remember how excited she was each night at bedtime saying she couldn’t wait for camp the next day. I thought “they must really be on to something to have her so thrilled to be there all day each day.” The performance really impressed me as well. I could not believe the high caliber of costuming and the great set. The other thing that really struck me was that each child had a moment to shine no matter how small the role or the age. We were all hooked!

MCT: This summer both girls attended MCT Performing Arts Camp (PAC). That must have been exciting for them.

PR: Abby started going to PAC camp the first year she was eligible in 2012. For her and the other campers, it is the highlight of their year. They have a countdown that begins the day they say goodbye the previous year. She has met some of her dearest friends at camp and has fabulous memories. Hallie just completed her first summer at East Shore and, like Abby, had a wonderful time.

PAC is wonderfully skill building. The campers work very hard from morning until night to improve their singing, dancing and acting skills. They learn a tremendous amount and always come away performing on a higher level. All the fun, memories and friendships are just icing on the cake!

It’s easy to give to MCT!

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