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October 20-30, 2016


Audition Date: August 28, 2016

MCT Premiere Night: October 20, 2016

Tarzan is an exciting story of “nature versus nurture as Tarzan’s two worlds collide.  Raised in the jungle by a family of gorillas that does not trust humans, Tarzan meets Jane, a beautiful English naturalist from the “civilized” world.  Can what Tarzan knows and what he feels co-exist? Based on the popular Disney film, the soundtrack by Phil Collins includes “You’ll Be in My Heart” and “Two Worlds”. The entire family will love this action-packed, endearing musical.

December 1-18, 2016


Audition Date: October 2, 2016

MCT Premiere Night: December 1, 2016

Mischievous Ralphie somehow managed to make it through childhood without “shooting his eye out.”  Now an adult, he narrates the account of his most memorable Christmas—when his whole world as a 9-year-old revolved around convincing Santa to deliver a Red Ryder BB gun on Christmas morning. An iconic family favorite in time for the holidays, it brings back the familiar playground “triple dog dare”, the neighborhood bully, and even the leg lamp.  This musical version received three Tony Award nominations in 2013, including Best Original Score.

January 19-29, 2017


Audition Date: November 20, 2016

MCT Premiere Night: January 19, 2017

Imagine a world where a 20-year drought has made water so scarce that private bathrooms are banned by the government, public toilets are tightly regulated and Megacorporation Urine Good Company charges for “The Privilege to Pee.” What happens, though, if you can’t afford to pay?  This satirical musical is full of outrageous and contemporary “PeeG-13” humor, yet still tells a compelling story appropriate for  high school ages and older.  The Broadway production received numerous accolades, including three Tony Awards.

March 9-19, 2017


Audition Date: January 29, 2017

MCT Premiere Night: March 9, 2017

Nick, a young, single, Italian-American from New Jersey, has had dinner with his quirky and overbearing grandparents every Sunday for the past 29 years.  When a dream job in marketing that would send him to Seattle threatens to upset this family tradition, his grandparents devise a scheme stuffed with homemade lasagna, guilt tactics, and a beautiful woman, with hopes to keep their precious grandson close to home. This non-musical is a family-friendly comedy by the same author of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

April 27-30 & May 3-14, 2017


Audition Date: February 26, 2017

MCT Premiere Night: April 27, 2017

Adapted Performance: May 9, 2017

Just a few decades ago, this classic 1939 MGM movie aired on television only once a year.  Now it can be streamed to electronic devices 24/7, but here’s your chance to meet all your old, familiar friends—live in person, in the merry old land of Oz!  Will the Wizard grant them a brain, a heart, and the nerve, or will the Wicked Witch of the West have her way?  We’re off to see the Wizard and we invite your entire family to experience this wonderful, musical journey over the rainbow along with Dorothy, Toto, and friends.