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East Shore Curriculum Preference Form (Due by June 1)

East Shore Transportation Form (Due ASAP, or by July 6)


North & South Shore:

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East Shore Camp Info and Reminders

NS & SS General Camp & Show Info

Missoula Performance Schedule

Medical Form

**Please print and take to your doctor, return via scan/email, fax to 406-721-0637, or mail to MCT**



Making Payments

You can make payments via the following methods:


  • Mail check to MCT c/o Kirsten Paisley, 200 N Adams St, Missoula, MT 59802
  • Call 406-728-1911 to make a credit card payment over the phone with Kirsten or a Box Office Rep


Campground Info

East Shore, July 29 – August 4, 2018

Camp Paxson on Seeley Lake

Physical address: 4200 Boy Scout Rd, Seeley Lake, MT 59868

Mailing address: P.O. Box 732, Seeley Lake, MT

Visit Camp Paxson’s website here!

North Shore, July 29 – August 12, 2018

Glacier Camp on Flathead Lake (July 29 – August 8, then moving campers to Missoula)

Physical address: 17482 O’Neil Rd, Lakeside, MT 59922

Mailing address: P.O. Box 384, Lakeside, MT 59922

Visit Glacier Camp’s website here!

South Shore, July 28 – August 12, 2018

Camp Marshall on Flathead Lake (July 28 – August 8, then moving campers to Missoula)

Physical/Mailing address: 41524 Melita Island Rd.  Polson, MT  59860

Visit Camp Marshall’s website here!




You will need to provide your own bedding, whether it is a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets.  Nights often become quite chilly so you may want to include an extra warm blanket.  Don’t forget a pillow.  Toilet articles should also include soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, brush and insect repellent.  Also, bring two towels and a washcloth.  Two pairs of shoes are recommended.   These should be closed-toe and suitable for rehearsal.  Open-toed sandals are not advised at camp.  Campers often bring a third pair of “lake shoes”.  The shore of Flathead Lake is rocky and bare feet can be uncomfortable while wading or launching a boat.  A pair of old or inexpensive tennis shoes for this purpose can come in handy.  A typical clothing list might include:

2-6 pairs of shorts

2-4 pairs of long pants

1 pair of dark blue jeans for show (North and South only)

2-3 sweaters or sweatshirts

6 short sleeve shirts

5 long sleeve shirts

1 nice outfit (South only)

2 towels





A notebook/pens


If you have character, jazz or tap shoes, please bring those as well. Just a reminder, laundry facilities are not available at camp.


If you play guitar (or other small stringed instrument), you may want to bring it with you for campfire and performance possibilities.


Q: What is the performance weekend schedule for North & South Shore?

A:All performance weekend events at MCT Center for the Performing Arts

Wednesday, August 8: Dress Rehearsal at MCT, camper pick up at 6PM

Thursday, August 9: Performance at 7:30 PM, pick up at 9:30 PM

Friday, August 10: Performances at 5 PM and 7:30 PM, pick up at 9:30 PM

Saturday, August 11: Performances at 1 PM, 4 PM, and 7:30 PM, pick up at 9:30 PM

Sunday, August 12 *optional* Goodbye Brunch from 9:30 AM – Noon



Questions or Concerns?

Please email Performing Arts Camps Director,  Kirsten Paisley, at kpaisley@mctinc.org